Gain More Clients with the Autoquoter

One of the biggest pain points for 3D printing companies is being able to accurately quote potential clients. Causes for friction in this process include a lack of information, poor communication, and delays in the quoting process. MakerOS solves this pain point with the MakerOS Autoquoter.

The Autoquoter is perfect for 3D printing companies. Fabrication processes offered through the Autoquoter include FDM, SLA, MJF, DMLS and every other additive manufacturing process. Instantly provide accurate quotes to potential clients when you integrate the MakerOS Autoquoter to your website and give clients a satisfying experience. Your rate of client acquisition will go up.


Integrated Products Designed for 3D Printing Services

With so many moving parts, 3D printing companies can be challenging to manage. MakerOS makes this easier by integrating all products in one place.

An Autoquoter for 3D Printing Services

Automate your quoting process with the MakerOS Autoquoter for 3D printing and CNC machining. The MakerOS Autoquoter also integrates with your inventory so that quotes are accurate and expectations are realistic. The MakerOS Autoquoter also syncs with the Projects Dashboard so that everything is recorded in one place for both you and your clients to reference.

A CRM for 3D Printing Services

Managing client contacts in your inbox or across different spreadsheets is chaotic and inefficient. Big CRMs come with expensive monthly subscriptions. Neither of these solutions integrates with your Autoquoter, your 3D file viewer, or your project management tool. The MakerOS CRM not only organizes all of your clients in one place, it’s integrated with every tool that’s important to a 3D printing business.


A Project Manager for 3D Printing Services

MakerOS Projects is essential for any 3D printing company. It’s integrated with your inventory, your CRM, your autoquoter, and your client communication systems so that all project updates are informed in real-time to be as accurate as possible.

An Online Invoicing Tool for 3D Printing Services

Tailor the invoice to the exact standards of your 3D printing company with the MakerOS Invoice System. Build multiple custom invoices with varying payment terms that sync with your Autoquoter.

A Portal for 3D Printing Services and Their Clients

The MakerOS platform provides your clients with their own online portal to connect them with you and your team via the MakerOS platform. The MakerOS Client Portal collects everything related to the project and puts it in one place, making it easy for both you and them to sync up and ensure no time or resources are wasted because of bad communication.

MakerOS is geared towards solving the pain points of 3D printing companies

All-in-one Software for 3D Printing Services

MakerOS was born from a 3D printing business owner’s search to make his companies better. When he couldn’t find a holistic solution to the problems he faced in his business, he created one. MakerOS is an efficiency platform with all of the custom order management features a 3D printing business needs to collaborate with clients and better their workflow.

Request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS

request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS


What our clients say about us

"In less than a year of implementing MakerOS, we saw revenue grow 10× and shortened our average development cycle from three weeks to four days."

— Aljosa & Rob, Co-Founders, Roboto.NYC, a custom fabrication stuido in Brooklyn, NY


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