Instantly Quote and Provide A Cost Analysis For Your Clients

Convert more business by providing an accurate and instant online quoting system for your clients. CAD data is instantly analyzed for manufacturability, and clients can choose from an array of custom parameters.

You can easily install the Autoquoter on your website or access it within a project through the customer or admin portal.

There is no cap or limit to how many quotes you can produce.


Seamlessly Integrated with Your Dashboard

The MakerOS Autoquoter syncs with the Projects Dashboard so that everything is recorded in one place for both you and your clients to reference.

You can create custom quotes and invoices to attach additional services including: post processing, machine time, design services and more.


Quote With Any Process, Machine, or Material

The Auotquoter can be configured to use any process including FDM, SLA, SLS, CNC, and more. A process can be a specific machine, style of fabrication, or application of the final product.

When you create a process, you can create various categories that link directly with specific materials that you can track with the Inventory and Project Manager.

Each process or material can be configured to price differently depending on various parameters such as quality, tolerance, surface finish, part volume, bounding box, quantity, startup pricing, and more.

We want you to succeed. We’ll provide you free tools and one-on-one training with our experts to ensure your business is optimally pricing projects.


Recover Lost Quotes and Convert More Leads with the MakerOS Abandoned Quote Recovery

Send an email directly from the MakerOS platform to potential customers who abandon the quoting process to win them back to your business with the MakerOS Abandoned Quote Recovery tool.

You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your website. Those who started the Autoquoter have shown high intent to hire you. Easily recover those quotes directly from the MakerOS Autoquoter.

Because the Autoquoter records an email for every person who submits a quote, you can engage with those who drop off in the process. This a key feature that can go a long way towards winning new business and growing your company with the MakerOS Autoquoter.

Request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS

request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS


What our clients say about us

"In less than a year of implementing MakerOS, we saw revenue grow 10× and shortened our average development cycle from three weeks to four days."

— Aljosa & Rob, Co-Founders, Roboto.NYC, a custom fabrication stuido in Brooklyn, NY


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