Clients can create accounts

MakerOS provides your clients with their own online portal and profile to connect them with you and your team via the MakerOS platform.

Within the Portal, clients access their projects, files, invoices, and send messages to your team. This all can be done from a desktop, tablet or phone.

The Client Portal collects everything related to the project and puts it in one place, making it easy for both you and them to sync up and ensure no time or resources are wasted because of bad communication.

A more efficient production workflow equates to a better business, and it all starts with the MakerOS Client Portal.


How The Client Portal Works

  1. Install the portal on your client-facing website. This is easy to do and requires minimal coding knowledge, or none if you use a builder like Squarespace.

  2. Customize the look and feel of the Portal to match your brand. The MakerOS software is white-labeled so that you can appear more professional.

  3. Through the Portal, clients submit RFPs, upload files, and send messages. Everything is collected and recorded in the Project for that customer.

  4. Interact with clients directly within the platform. Everything is recorded for future reference.

  5. Win their business, develop a relationship, and ultimately gain their trust.


Create Life-Long Clients

Retaining clients will be easy with the MakerOS Client Portal because their experience with the initial project will feel professional and smooth.

Their access to the Portal will never expire. They can still engage with you even after the product is delivered.


Why Your team Will Love the Client Portal

The MakerOS Client Portal addresses a lot of the pain points that technicians, engineers, and other members of your team face everyday, especially when paired with Projects. Mainly, with all relevant files and communication organized in one place for each project, there’s no more stress or headaches when managing projects for clients.

Your team is either trying to create their own solution to these problems, or they’re searching for one. Look no further; give the MakerOS platform a try, free for 30 days, and watch them fall in love with the Client Portal.

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What our clients say about us

"We would never have figured out how to manage orders from our members. It would have cost us a fortune to do it on our own."

— John Welin, Shop Manager, mHUB, a Makerspace in Chicago, IL


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