How You Will Save Money with MakerOS

Subscription-based software can get exponentially more expensive as your business grows. The MakerOS platform is designed to be a suite of tools to help you affordably scale your technology stack. Our software combines all of this software into one: a project management platform, an Autoquoter, a VoIP phone system, an online invoicing tool, a CRM tool, and an online 3D file viewer.

How much would you save if you didn’t have to pay for all of those tools?

All in all, for an average product development team of five, when you replace all of those applications you’ll save up to $20,000 a year in operating costs.

Cut down on costs as well as the valuable time being spent managing them.

Plus, we’ve priced our plans so that within the first six months you’ll find the MakerOS platform pays for itself. We’ll even give you a head start; each one of our plans starts with a 30-day free trial.


How You will grow With MakerOS

Your business’s success centers around your customer’s happiness, and the MakerOS platform enables you to delight your customers by streamlining the entire production workflow.

When on your website, the Autoquoter feature provides an accessible portal where customers can initiate projects. Nobody likes to submit projects to a contact form.

Because each customer creates an account within your MakerOS platform, they can track projects in the Projects dashboard and even make payments.

The entire experience is white-labeled to your liking. Customers won’t be able to tell they’re using the MakerOS platform. Impress them when you have a scalable and custom infrastructure.


How MakerOS Can Grow Your Business By 10X

You’ll automate many day-to-day management tasks and free up valuable time. Expand your capabilities with the MakerOS platform to allow you to delight your customers, take on more business and grow.

Businesses that use the MakerOS platform grew up to 10X within the first year and created thousands of custom products for their clients.

When you make it easier for clients to do business with you with a seamless project submission and management system, you will convert more leads and retain existing business.

*Data collected over a 6 month period for a small fabrication business.

Projects Submitted Over Time*

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What the press says about us

"Allowing professional service providers to complete projects 10 times faster, save thousands on third party software, and maintain a workable pipeline of client projects for increased revenue."

— TCT Magazine


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