How MakerOS Makes Makerspaces Better

Whether you run a product development incubator, a fabrication lab, or a 3D printing co-working space, MakerOS provides the infrastructure you need to efficiently manage your makerspace. A manager of a makerspace and the companies therein would use MakerOS in the same way that a 3D printing company would with a client. Use one central platform to facilitate everything related to the makerspace.


How MakerOS Works within a Makerspace or Fabrication Lab

When a makerspace starts using MakerOS, every member gets their own white-labeled platform.

From a single dashboard, you as the manager of the space can review, accept, and process requests from members for machine time or other services. Cost estimates can be updated in real time.

You can also send communication out to the space, allowing members to learn or get up to speed on services and capabilities available to then.

This transparency creates clear and consistent communication channels and many other operational efficiencies within the space, ultimately allowing managers like yourself to focus on what matters most: creating a thriving community.


Start Using MakerOS in Your Makerspace or Fabrication Lab Today

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What our clients say about us

"We would never have figured out how to manage orders from our members. It would have cost us a fortune to do it on our own."

— John Welin, Shop Manager, mHUB, a Makerspace in Chicago, IL


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