Clients Submit Projects Directly to Your Dashboard

MakerOS includes a client-facing, front end solution for clients to submit and manage projects. Integrate the solution right onto your website. It requires no coding or IT skills to use or maintain.

Clients can submit a request for quote (RFQ) by submitting their project requirements and files from a project submission form. They are also able to instantly get quotes with the MakerOS Autoquoter for 3D fabrication projects. All communication, file uploads, quotes, invoices, and more will also update the project in real time. Everything will be tracked, stored, and accessible to view in Projects.

You can also start projects on your end within the dashboard.


Keep a Record of Everything - Files, Messages, Quotes, Billing

Never find yourself looking for a file, conversation, or payment ever again.

The MakerOS platform takes the difficulty out of keeping track of any file or message shared with your team or your clients. With MakerOS Projects, everything is centralized in one place, on a per client and per project basis.

The Project Dashboard gives you a truly omniscient view of everything happening in your production workflow. Everything within your business is connected. It’s like having “God mode” on for your business. Project management has never been easier. We guarantee you’ll love MakerOS Projects.


Create Personal or Team Projects

Simplify your workflow with MakerOS Projects for better collaboration with your team.

Create personal or interdepartmental projects that help manage your day-to-day operations. Collaborate together as you develop new projects with all relevant files and conversations in one place.

Get a quick and easy snapshot of your business' health by tracking revenue, current project progress, new project creation, user accounts, and data usage. See what your project pipeline looks like to better understand what actions your team needs to make to better your business.

Save thousands of dollars a year when you replace your current project management tool with the MakerOS Project feature.


Combine centralized projects With Quoting, billing, files and more

The entire project system lives in the same dashboard as quoting, files, client communication, billing and payments. Add your team and clients to collaborate with you from their own dedicated online portal.

Request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS

request a free personalized demo to learn more about MakerOS


What our clients say about us

"In less than a year of implementing MakerOS, we saw revenue grow 10× and shortened our average development cycle from three weeks to four days."

— Aljosa & Rob, Co-Founders, Roboto.NYC, a custom fabrication stuido in Brooklyn, NY


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